Mens Band Rings

Mens Band Rings

A Silver Mens Band Ring from Durango Silver Company is a wonderful choice for your first or next Mens Ring.

Mens Band Rings from Durango Silver Company

Below are several examples of Mens-Band-Rings that have been marketed online by Durango Silver Company. Our specialty is Sterling Silver Mens Band Rings, however, we also produce many types of Mens Rings in Gold as well.

Sterling Silver Mens Band Rings Silver Mens Band Rings with Turquoise

Above and to the left is a Mens Band Ring with an enchanting Turquoise Gemstone from the famed Villa Grove Turquoise Mine of Colorado. Follow the link in the last paragraph to see more angles of this mens silver band ring by Dillon Hartman. In this mens silver band the Turquoise is set flush with the ring and features chased lines vertically down each side, it is a low profile band ring that is very easy to wear. Many of the Mens Band Rings produced by Durango Silver Company are sleek in design with the men in mind as you will hear men consistently say they do not wear a ring because it gets in their way or gets hung up on things when they are working. We do consider this and we make a lot of our Mens Band Rings designed to respect this fact.

The Mens Band Ring to the right is a diner ring or a fancy Mens Ring for that night out on the town. The Bisbee Turquoise Gemstone is memorizing standing out on its own atop of a unusual ring shank designed to mimic a stand of Aspen Trees in the Colorado Rocky Mountains. Designed by a master, John Hartman of Durango, Colorado, this Mens Band Ring design is great, take a look at some other angles on its presentation page, located here.

Inlaid Gemstone Mens Band Rings Native American Mens Band Rings

To the left is a Turquoise Inlaid Silver Band Ring created by Dillon Hartman of Durango, Colorado. This Silver Ring is inlaid with Bisbee Turquoise from Arizona. Dillon is an committed collector of American Turquoise and he inlays his top grade Turquoise in the Silver Jewelry that he makes. Dillon makes this Silver Ring in many different gemstones, however, high grade Turquoise is his gemstone of choice.

To the right is a Navajo Inlaid Silver Band Ring. This Ring is made in Silver with cutouts where the Artisan intends to inlay the gemstones which are Turquoise, Opal and Jet. Many individuals love this type of Silver Mens Band Ring, we even sell them as Wedding Ring Bands as they look great on a lady as well as a gentleman. Southwestern Silver Ring Bands have a great style about them and many of our band rings are appreciated by both men and women.

Artisan Crafted Mens Band Rings

Artisan Crafted Mens Band Rings from the American Southwest stand out in a crowd as being unusually different. The Mens Band Rings that you can find in our Silver Gallery are not your typical Band Rings that you will find in your local Mall or Shopping Channel on TV. Each one of our Artisan crafted Mens Band Rings is a classic piece of Silver Jewelry from the American Southwest.

Navajo Handmade Mens Band Rings American Indian Mens Band Rings

To the left is a Navajo handmade Mens Band Ring featuring a Green Turquoise Gemstone from the Manassa Turquoise Mine, located in Colorado. This is a unique Mens Band Ring and is worth your time in checking out the side view as the stamp work is awesome. Check this Navajo Ring out on its presentation page. This is a great style of a Mens Ring for a diner or out on the town ring and as it ages it will be even more attractive as Silver ages with a very natural appearance - everyone loves it!

To the right is an overlaid Mens Band Ring, Navajo Handcrafted. The band itself was created by sawing out a geometrical design in the top layer of silver sheet, it is then overlaid onto a back plate by sweat soldering the two layers together. Once the band is completed the Artisan overlays a channeled bezel to hold the various gemstones he inlaid into this ring. This Mens Band Ring features Turquoise, Coral, Mother of Pearl, Opal and Jet.

Mens Band Ring with Cable Design Mens Band Ring with White Buffalo Turquoise

Above are two Mens Band Rings that are or were available at one time on the Durango Silver Company online store. The woven Silver Band Ring on the left is a standard Mens Wedding Band Ring or even an everyday Band Ring for a man or women. This is a classic Band Ring that is easy to wear and a conversation piece as well, however, it only comes in a few sizes as the distance between braids does not allow this ring to be made in all sizes. John Hartman at Durango Silver Company is constantly making more braided rings with different types of braids that can be made in more sizes, visit their online Gallery often to find new braided Band Rings as they become available.

This White Buffalo Turquoise Mens Band Ring is what we call a Saddle Band Ring, the band rings are created by John Hartman and then inlaid by Dillon Hartman. A Saddle Band Ring from our company is one of the most comfortable rings you will ever wear as this style of ring is designed in the shape of a saddle, meaning it is perfectly round inside and the design the holds the gemstone sleekly on top of the ring in a low profile. The band has a stamped or chased stripe sunburst design that goes down each side of the ring. Check out additional views of this White Buffalo Turquoise Saddle Ring on its presentation page.

We hope you have enjoyed our presentation, learned some good information and we also hope you will think of Durango Silver Company the next time you are considering Mens Band Rings.